Money transfer made easy

AX Remit is the new payment solution of Ariana Exchange Ltd, who is a leading global remittance, Foreign Exchange and payment solution brand.
AX Remit is a fintech payment provider bringing over 20 years of successful trading.
From the UK to Afghanistan AX Remit has got you covered!

A smart new online way to transfer money internationally.

Our network continues to grow at the same time we never compromise on standards. Our unique transfer platform allows you to transfer funds 24/7. Our user-friendly portal allows you to place transactions when banks are closed. Your transaction will then be executed during the next working day. You can monitor your payments and maintain a log of your transaction history.

Three things we believe about sending money.


Your cash is delivered within minutes.


Sending funds overseas with the lowest fees.


Guarantee that your transactions are 100% safe


Why not sign up for exchange rate alerts? Get a daily update on the exchange rate, or set a target exchange rate so that you can transfer at the right time for you.

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Register, create transaction, create beneficiary and pay online or even track your transaction in a couple of tabs.